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Wareium grew out of the perception that the open hardware community lacks appropriate tools for developing hardware projects. We have seen real success using the tools that were originally made for software projects, but that really only highlights the need for better options.

Vision: maximize constructive participation in the open hardware community 

Open source is a vibrant and diverse array of cooperation and competition. It's a better way to develop technology and it should be encouraged. Everyone should get a chance to participate by contributing whatever it is they want to offer. As a community we need standardization that doesn't constrain, easier access that doesn't dilute, and the synergy that comes from mass without groupthink.

Mission: sponsor and host the discussion, development and deployment of open hardware resources

The resources that empower a community of developers are easy to describe after they already exist and have proven successful. In hindsight they can seem obvious. But, looking forward, it is difficult to put together any kind of coherent picture of how things should work. A key difference between open software and open hardware is that, for the most part, the people using the hardware development tools cannot also create them. The open hardware community will always tend to be more of a customer of the open software community, at least when it comes to software resources. We need clearly defined requirements, consistent application of basic project management, and perpetual community feedback so that the software developers know what it is they're building.