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SKDB - a method for sharing hardware over the internet
Maintainers: Ben Lipkowitz, Bryan Bishop
  • Plenty of free software, but all different; Debian created a standard package
  • Debian used packages to allow the computer to install software for you
  • Do the same thing for "things"
  • Relieve users of the burden of figuring out how to make "things"
  • To make a car you need a lathe, to make a lathe you need metal, etc
  • Hardware is organized into packages
  • Each part in a package has interface definitions; how the part can connect to other parts

  • Based upon the idea of automatically downloading all of the source information needed to produce a particular artifact in the physical world
  • Minimum: metadata file
  • Optional: CAD, scripts, data, renderings, toolpaths
  • Uses YAML to structure the data and python for processing