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ThingDoc is a comment parser
Maintainers: Josef Prusa, Pavol Rusnak

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  • Uses syntax similar to Javadoc
  • Able to generate
    • Bill of materials file
    • HTML 
    • TeX document
    • Wiki
    • Dependency tree in tex-mode using GraphViz
  • A post about it on reprap.org
    • Looks for comments (/** *words */) anywhere in .scad and .tdoc files
    • Cannot generate full assembly instructions, but can generate "hyperlocal" groups of components
    • Uses python and LaTeX

Text Box

Since we already have the tree of parts it’s easy to know where to start, from the roots, generating one subassembly after another, going up and up until full documentation is ready. Let me show it by example:

* Printer
* @root
* @name RepRap
* @assembly Make sure you have [frame] ready.
* @assembly Second you make the [x-axis].

* Printer base
* @name frame
* @using 6 frame-vertex
* @assembly Do the side triangles.
* @assembly Connect triangles into frame.

* x axis
* @name x-axis
* @using 1 x-end-motor
* @using 1 x-end-idler
* @assembly Prepare [x-end-motor]
* @assembly Prepare [x-end-idler]
* @assembly Put both together with rods.

So first it will generate the frame assembly instructions, since there are no other subassemblies, it will write it out. Second is the X axis but it has some things which logically must be assembled sooner then the x-axis itself, so x-end-motor part goes first, since its mentioned sooner, then the x-end-idler and so on with other instructions.

Blue Sky Laboratory,
Mar 10, 2013, 11:02 AM